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Liberal and sustainable protection of orphans is our campaign

Goals and plans

Sewak Nepal is a national campaign dedicated to all orphans in Nepal.

Introduction of the organization

‘Sewak Nepal’ is a national campaign dedicated to all orphans in Nepal.

We established the “Orphan Protection Fund” from South Korea on June 20, 2013 for the search and rescue and sustainable protection of orphaned / helpless children who cannot do anything by themselves. We have been selflessly collecting a small portion from each of our wages and then in the process of further developing and expanding it, we came to Nepal through the United States, Israel, Canada, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia.

The purpose of the organization

Engage in the search, rescue and protection of poor and orphaned / helpless children by giving them proper education including food, shelter and cotton and making them responsible, moral and virtuous citizens towards the society and the country.

Features of this organization,

To stay away from honor and prestige and to contribute as much as possible by dedicating oneself to the nation with selfless service spirit.

Why the need for this organization?

  1. To fulfill the duty of a responsible citizen by doing remarkable work in the protection and development of orphans.
  2. To convey the message of unity and brotherhood to all Nepali citizens by embracing the sentiment that ‘Himal Pahad Tarai is no stranger’.
  3. To provide sustainable protection to maximum number of orphans / helpless children through the collective initiative of selfless youth dedicated to the national interest.

Future plans,

Significantly increasing the number of engineers and strengthening the income generating programs to take the children’s homes to different places of the country.

Currently the organization is doing,

  • It has been providing educational scholarships to about 25 children from Okhaldhunga, Ramechhap, Kavre, Myagdi, Ilam and Dolakha.
  • It has been conducting relief distribution programs from time to time in the coming natural calamities and natural calamities in the country.
  • Currently, the organization has purchased 6 ropanis and 11 acres of land in Mandandeupur Municipality-9 of Kavre district and started the construction of a children’s ashram.


The main objective of this organization is to provide proper education including food, shelter and cotton to the real helpless children who are deprived of education after losing their parents. Apart from that, despite being parents, they are facing extreme economic crisis due to poverty. Another special aspect of this campaign is to provide full support for the education of the children who have been deprived of education without being deprived of the affection of their parents.

In short, none of our children should be deprived of education. Nowadays, even though only a limited number of children are given academic scholarships, the aim is to cover as many children as possible scattered in the corners of the country. In the case of children who have become helpless after losing their parents, arrangements will be made to bring them to their own orphanage after the orphanage is ready and provide them with proper upbringing and education.It is not an institution opened in the name of a particular person or an organization owned by a single person, but an organization established to do remarkable work in the field of orphans for the country and society as a whole. As it is an organization that not only enjoys and digests in the wheelchairs with the help of foreigners, but also works with its own help, inclusiveness and participation in the campaign will work for the benefit of all.

Economic pot,

The membership fee received from the campaigners and the voluntary support given by the philanthropic minds is the source of income of this campaign. Our common goal is to expand this campaign even further and develop it as a beneficial campaign for every Nepali in every room.

Another thing is that since transparency and opacity come first in accounting in any philanthropic work, we have been making it systematic and transparent from the very beginning. We are managing the small expenses from our own pockets as much as possible and this will continue till the end, which means that the money deposited in this fund should not be leaked from anywhere. Expenses will be incurred only if such children reach Polta directly.


As one of the most chaotic organizations in the country, it is not intended to be an unnecessary burden to the state but to serve the state. We urge our Nepali brothers and sisters to take part in this act of protection under the guardianship.

We are expanding this campaign and raising funds, thinking that by deducting a small fraction from each of our wages, we will not have much impact on ourselves and will have a material impact on the life of ’em. Therefore, wherever you are, as much as you can and as much as you can, financially, materially or morally, you are requested to support this great and sacred work.