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Liberal and sustainable protection of orphans is our campaign

About Us

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted.

Introduction of the organization

We established the "Orphan Protection Fund" from South Korea on June 20, 2013 for the search and rescue and sustainable protection of orphaned / helpless children who cannot do anything by themselves. We have been selflessly collecting a small portion from each of our wages and then in the process of further developing and expanding it, we came to Nepal through the United States, Israel, Canada, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia.

purpose of the organization

Engage in the search, rescue and protection of poor and orphaned / helpless children by giving them proper education including food, shelter and cotton and making them responsible, moral and virtuous citizens towards the society and the country.

Characteristics of the organization

To stay away from honor and prestige and to contribute as much as possible by dedicating oneself to the nation with selfless service spirit.

Future plan

Significantly increasing the number of engineers and strengthening the income generating programs to take the children's homes to different places of the country.

The need for organization

To fulfill the duty of a responsible citizen by doing remarkable work in the protection and development of orphans.

About Us

We don’t want to take from the country, we want to give as much as we can to the country. But we can’t give even if we die ourselves. We, those who can easily survive by working hard, want to contribute to the country by surviving ourselves. We will continue to work for the proper protection of ‘em by finding a little or more of what we earn, a small percentage of our monthly earnings, who are orphans and helpless in the country, whose parents have lost everything or who have been deprived of education due to poor economic conditions.

We are not an NGO / INGO and we are not running on anyone’s personal help, we have been conducting a self-help campaign every month and we will continue to do so. We call those who are affiliated with the organization and provide regular support “engineers”. Simply put, we are the volunteers of this organization. Other than the engineer of this organization, if other dignitaries want to help Self Bibek unconditionally, we will take it with gratitude, we will not take conditional help. And again, give as much help as you can

We will move forward as we continue to grow. On the contrary, we appeal to all discerning Nepalis to directly support this campaign because this country belongs to all of us. Starting from one person yesterday, we have reached eighty-five today. If we can reach one hundred, two hundred, five hundred and one thousand tomorrow, we can give a truly glorious work to the country.

This country belongs to all of us. When a Nepali from the east is hurt, a Nepali from the west should be hurt and a Nepali from the north should ask when a Nepali from the south sheds tears. Yes, this is the essence of our campaign. We are moving forward with the original slogan, “We for those who have no one.”